The Ranting Man

September 24, 2010

Ahmadinejad is a Closet Homosexual

Filed under: Politics — therantingman @ 8:49 am

Look at this:

I’ll bet that prick takes it up the ass from anything, including camels. How dare that scumbag claim to be talking for AMERICANS at the UN. Who the he’ll does he think he is? Not only is he a lying prick, but he is preaching from a pulpit he does not deserve to lick clean.

I am really sick and tired of the extremist getting all the press. Why is this asshole allowed to further incite fanaticism? Why do we allow this scum-of-the earth to even speak at the UN? He and the Iranian government are backwards, ignorant and dangerous. The people of Iran are the biggest victims, being held hostage to ancient and bigoted beliefs.

The worst thing we can do is give him and the Iranian government any credibility. They are the lowest form of animal – it’s too bad the US screwed up Iran so badly back in the 70’s. We would probably not be dealing with this now.


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