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August 28, 2010

Morons who idle their cars…..WTF

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What is wrong with people? I am sitting in a parking lot waiting to pick up my son. It is a beautiful, warm evening, and like many parents I am sitting with the car off and windows open. However, more than a few cars have windows up, A/C on and the engine running! What is the point of wasting the gas, spewing more crap into the air? I see this all the time, and it is even worse in the public sector. There is no reason at all for a cop to keep his engine running when he is not even in the car. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Construction sites, sporting events and many other places waste millions of gallons of fuel – idling. On top of the benefit to the environment, think of the money wasted. Makes no sense.


July 26, 2010

Auto Insurance Discounts are a Total Lie

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What is all this shit about saving money on car insurance? From the sound of the ads every time you switch you can cut your bill in half. What about the coverage? Does anyone even care about the SERVICE they are supposed to be buying?

What they don’t tell you in the commercials is that you don’t get discounts every time you switch. They also don’t tell you that every year your premiums usually increase anyway. You may get discounts and teaser rates, but the insurance companies build in ways to offset the discounts they have to give. Most, if not all insurance companies are public, and they are beholden to shareholders. Cutting into profits is frowned upon.

And you ‘may’ save up to X%. MAY being the key word. Most people don’t save the maximum. In fact, they try and give just enough to get you to switch. The issue is growing their customer base, and selling insurance is HARD. The high cost of acquiring new customers with the service makes cost savings an easy marketing crutch.

The truth is that you can save MORE money by developing a history with a company. I have had car insurance with Allstate for years, and when it came time to get home insurance I got a BIG discount on that. I also got great discounts for adding another car. This was because I was a REPEAT customer, not because I switched from elsewhere.

I want companies to sell me on what they actually do. I also want people to understand that the money you pay for something is NOT the actual cost. But that requires people to think, and I’m not sure people want to think.

October 26, 2009

An Open Letter to Fox Employees,

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I try to watch Fox News as well as others news programs because I do not want to get all my news from one source. I believe that it is my duty as a citizen to get all the facts and try to be fair about my judgments. Today’s issues are too complex to allow one pundit to shape my opinion.

It takes a lot to run a TV network, so you people are obviously not stupid. I am quite certain that many of you see and hear the criticism that is leveled at Fox News. How that must suck for you, to see the company you work for being trashed all over the place? I’ll bet many of you don’t tell people what you really do for a living when you go to parties.

My Problem:
I can watch Fox News for 1 hour and probably hear at least 2 or 3 blatant lies or insinuations against individuals and groups that oppose Fox ownership’s political views. It is so blatant that I am amazed that you get away with it most of the time.

In addition, Fox’s open support for the right-wing agenda is so obvious that there is no way to deny it. The last time I watched (this morning) within 5 minutes I saw a commercial for the Right-Wing Tea-Parties. I have not seen any commercials for that POLITICAL group on any channel, anywhere. I would be very interested in how much those spots cost.

Many, many people I know share my opinion of Fox News and equate it with The National Enquirer or the Star. I see Fox News as completely full of crap, but entertaining like a major auto accident – you just can’t look away.

This letter will probably not get past the interns who have to review all the e-mails. However, this is an open letter to all fox employees. I believe that you are the most powerful group in helping us defeat Fox. Here is what I am asking; QUIT.

Find another job. Do not work for this company. If all the intelligent people quit and move to better networks then soon Fox will be filled with back-woods high-school dropouts with no teeth and a cousin as a spouse.

Please, forward this letter to all the other people who work at Fox. Let them know that they are not alone – that you are all sick and tired of being proven UNfair and UNbalanced by just about every other news network. And then finally you may get John Stewart off your ass.

Sincerely yours,
A concerned American

October 19, 2009

The Real Problem…..

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When you look at all the world’s ills, the number of problems seems insurmountable.  But I am coming to a realization that there is really only one problem we have to deal with – overpopulation.

Think about it – every natural, social and economic problem we face today is a problem only because we are here.  With less people there are less demands for natural resources, less contention for land, less need for food, less pollution of all kinds.  As we grow our population we are pushing the limits of this planet and how many people it can support.  Cut the population and all the major problems in the world shrink and eventually can become manageable with the technology we have today.

It really scares me to see right-wing initiatives (delivered by ‘Missionaries’) that demonize birth control in underdeveloped nations, and it scares me even more to see ‘John and Kate plus 8′ and ’16 and Counting’ and other shows like it dominate cable TV .  Their unrealistic portrayal of these ridiculously sized families almost encourages this practice, and there is very little discussion of population control because we all have the right to fuck and make babies.

I know you cannot legislate procreation, and I would never advocate such things.  But that does not change the fact that we have to deal with this issue, one way or another.  We can try and educate the world’s population about what options we have, or we can ignore the problem until we have a global catastrophe and all those ‘extra’ people die cruel and horrible deaths from starvation and disease, which is exactly what will happen.

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