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August 29, 2010

Japanese Slaughter of Dolphins and Whales

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I used to have a tremendous amount of respect for the Japanese. I thought that they were more civilized, have a sense of honor and tradition a respect for nature. Now I just see them as savage, disgusting barbarians. The fact that they still slaughter dolphins and whales on a massive scale despite how advanced our civilization is makes me physically ill. There is absolutely no justification for what they are doing.

This is sick, and the fact that they allow this represents a sickness in Japanese culture. It is something that cannot be allowed to continue. My opinion of Japan is forever changed.


August 28, 2010

Morons who idle their cars…..WTF

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What is wrong with people? I am sitting in a parking lot waiting to pick up my son. It is a beautiful, warm evening, and like many parents I am sitting with the car off and windows open. However, more than a few cars have windows up, A/C on and the engine running! What is the point of wasting the gas, spewing more crap into the air? I see this all the time, and it is even worse in the public sector. There is no reason at all for a cop to keep his engine running when he is not even in the car. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Construction sites, sporting events and many other places waste millions of gallons of fuel – idling. On top of the benefit to the environment, think of the money wasted. Makes no sense.

August 5, 2010

Short-Term Mentality Threatens us all

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I was watching a show on Easter Island and the inhabitants of that island. The show focused on new information about how they lived and how they ultimately died. The short answer is that the inhabitants cut down all the trees which permanently changed the land, preventing natural regrowth. Without large trees the soil could not hold the topsoil necessary to farm. The people were not aware of how they were impacting their environment before it was too late. Without trees they could not build canoes to fish, and they began to starve. Eventually Europeans came and finished the job with disease, but by then the damage was already done.

The Earth is becoming a large Easter Island. The only difference is that we know what we are doing, and can stop it. The short-term mentality of today is the same mentality that destroyed the people of Easter Island.

July 14, 2010

The Tea Party Movement is a Disgusting Lie

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The Tea Party movement has nothing to do with policy or fixing government’s problems (and we all know there are a LOT of problems). It has everything to do with ultra conservatives re-energizing scared and desperate Americans so they can regain control of the government and continue their efforts to destroy the very people who voted for them.

The issues we face today are complicated. There are no simple answers. Unfortunately, Americans like simple problems with simple, obvious solutions. All of the problems we face – ALL of them – have multiple causes and no simple, quick-fix solutions. Those who tout simple solutions to our problems are spending more time thinking about marketing and less about solutions.

The Tea Party movement is all about the message, but the substance behind the message is quite different. They are promoting solutions that have not worked in the past but are easy to talk about and even easier to sell to Americans who are desperate. The promises being made by the Tea Party will not help the people who are supporting them, and that is the biggest tragedy.

The right-wing reformation started with Ronald Reagan, and did not stop even through the Clinton years thanks to a republican congress. They had 30 years to get it right, and cannot give any other ideas a chance. They don’t care if they destroy America as long as they are in control.

When the Tea Party movement fails it’s supporters I wonder if Americans will finally wise up or just find another simple answer that will not work. It is so sad that Americans cannot see past the lies.

May 16, 2010

Fox News is NOT Fair and is VERY Unbalanced

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Why is Fox allowed to lie in it’s advertising? It is blatantly obvious to anyone who looks at their programming where their loyalties lie. Murdoch and his misinformation machine do not care about truth or delivering news. They focus their efforts on slanting information about important issues and keeping people scared of change.

Why don’t people see or care?

May 14, 2010

Clean Coal is a LIE!!!!!!!!!

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Tags: , , , , is spending a ton of money to spread it’s lies. People want to believe that clean coal is a possibility, and these money-grubbing liars are taking advantage of that. Their story is one of the biggest lies out there, and stands to destroy all that we as Americans hold dear.

TRUTH: you cannot clean coal and the exhaust from burning it without using chemicals and processes that are deadly to humans and the ecology. And the mining process creates hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic slurry that devastates ecosystems and destroys the quality of life for anyone living near them. This is not an overstatement or some ecologists tree-hugging viewpoint. Coal and our use of it is creating a catastrophe.

Climate change is real, and the use of fossil fuels has been proven to be a major contributor to climate change. We have to accept that we need to move away from fossil fuels. What I don’t understand is why the energy companies are not taking advantage of that.

Drilling for oil and digging for coal is far more costly than R&D to develop efficient green technologies. The energy companies are posting their best profits ever, and they all have tons of cash in the bank. Why don’t these companies start developing REAL environmentally sound energy solutions and then sell them? As fossil fuel use starts to become too costly they will have alternatives and they can migrate their customers. This is how a business is supposed to manage itself. Instead, the energy industry is behaving like the cigarette industry and lying about clean energy so they do not have to change their business model.

When are we going to wake up? This is not a problem that can wait until there is a crisis – then it will be too late.

November 9, 2009

An Open Letter to Joe Lieberman

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(Sent to him after finding out that he is planning on filibustering the health care bill in the Senate)

You will not get away with filibustering the health care bill.  You think that the rich powerful scum who support you will keep you safe, but the TRUTH is that you don’t represent anyone but yourself.  You are a liar, and it sickens me that CT elected you.

I am going to do everything I can to make sure you are NOT re-elected.  You are a Republican mole who is working to destroy America from the inside.  The Republican plan is only for the rich, and will eventually destroy them as well.  You are the worst kind of human being, and I deplore you and everything you stand for.

November 8, 2009

An Open Letter to Republicans

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A political party is not supposed to dictate the path of our nation.  Don’t any of you see that is how the Republican party behaves?  By making sure Republicans ALWAYS vote Republican then the party leadership’s policy is the only one represented.  At that point it does not matter who you vote for or what your political beliefs are.  All Republicans vote by party lines, and who draws the party lines?  The party leadership, who are NOT elected officials, and are often the people who WANT to run the government but could not quite get there.  Doesn’t that scare you just a little bit?

The Democrats have the Presidency AND a Congressional majority and they STILL cannot get their agenda passed without major alterations and ass-kissing.  The Republicans if given the same majority would have passed its entire agenda AND had time for a 6 week vacation in the Keys.

What I am saying, is that we cannot be about JUST conservatives, liberals or identify with parties.  We should be worrying about ISSUES, and I don’t care if a good idea comes from a Democrat or Republican, I’ll support it.

All the Republican party is doing today is acting like the 6-year old child, holding his breath until he gets his way.  In this case, by being a logjam to progress the Republicans are causing significantly more damage than they have already caused.

There are too many major problems to be dealt with today to sink down to party bickering.  The Republicans don’t want to solve any problems – they just want power back.  Think about it, and you will see it is true.

October 26, 2009

An Open Letter to Fox Employees,

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I try to watch Fox News as well as others news programs because I do not want to get all my news from one source. I believe that it is my duty as a citizen to get all the facts and try to be fair about my judgments. Today’s issues are too complex to allow one pundit to shape my opinion.

It takes a lot to run a TV network, so you people are obviously not stupid. I am quite certain that many of you see and hear the criticism that is leveled at Fox News. How that must suck for you, to see the company you work for being trashed all over the place? I’ll bet many of you don’t tell people what you really do for a living when you go to parties.

My Problem:
I can watch Fox News for 1 hour and probably hear at least 2 or 3 blatant lies or insinuations against individuals and groups that oppose Fox ownership’s political views. It is so blatant that I am amazed that you get away with it most of the time.

In addition, Fox’s open support for the right-wing agenda is so obvious that there is no way to deny it. The last time I watched (this morning) within 5 minutes I saw a commercial for the Right-Wing Tea-Parties. I have not seen any commercials for that POLITICAL group on any channel, anywhere. I would be very interested in how much those spots cost.

Many, many people I know share my opinion of Fox News and equate it with The National Enquirer or the Star. I see Fox News as completely full of crap, but entertaining like a major auto accident – you just can’t look away.

This letter will probably not get past the interns who have to review all the e-mails. However, this is an open letter to all fox employees. I believe that you are the most powerful group in helping us defeat Fox. Here is what I am asking; QUIT.

Find another job. Do not work for this company. If all the intelligent people quit and move to better networks then soon Fox will be filled with back-woods high-school dropouts with no teeth and a cousin as a spouse.

Please, forward this letter to all the other people who work at Fox. Let them know that they are not alone – that you are all sick and tired of being proven UNfair and UNbalanced by just about every other news network. And then finally you may get John Stewart off your ass.

Sincerely yours,
A concerned American

October 23, 2009

U2’s Says Passonate Rock Fans are Gone

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The band U2 is worried about finding new fans and selling more records, according to an interview they recently did.

When are the moguls of the industry going to get it? The Internet makes acquiring music free, and so there is no reason for people to buy music anymore. People spend money on the music experience that a band offers. U2 used to offer that (remember ZooTV?), but now they seem to be talking more like music executives than rockers.

If you look at the number of bands that exist at the regional level you will see that there are a lot of devoted fans out there. The difference is that they are listening to smaller, non major label bands, ones that speak to the new way of delivering music. This is what U2 is missing. If they want to get new fans they need to give away their music and work on alternate revenue generating activities. This is what the next generation of artists is doing, and the major label fat cats are not.

They also have to stop putting out crap. Fans are looking for the new and different, and nothing U2 has released in the past 15 years has been anything groundbreaking. Music is not a career where you get to be boss and sit on your ass – at least not anymore. If you don’t constantly work on your music and your fan base then you are toast.

I used to LOVE U2, and I still love their old material, but they are part of the old guard, and the old guard is on its way out the door. There is no a lack of devoted fans, just a lack of bands worthy of devotion. Sorry guys.

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