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May 14, 2010

Clean Coal is a LIE!!!!!!!!!

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Tags: , , , , is spending a ton of money to spread it’s lies. People want to believe that clean coal is a possibility, and these money-grubbing liars are taking advantage of that. Their story is one of the biggest lies out there, and stands to destroy all that we as Americans hold dear.

TRUTH: you cannot clean coal and the exhaust from burning it without using chemicals and processes that are deadly to humans and the ecology. And the mining process creates hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic slurry that devastates ecosystems and destroys the quality of life for anyone living near them. This is not an overstatement or some ecologists tree-hugging viewpoint. Coal and our use of it is creating a catastrophe.

Climate change is real, and the use of fossil fuels has been proven to be a major contributor to climate change. We have to accept that we need to move away from fossil fuels. What I don’t understand is why the energy companies are not taking advantage of that.

Drilling for oil and digging for coal is far more costly than R&D to develop efficient green technologies. The energy companies are posting their best profits ever, and they all have tons of cash in the bank. Why don’t these companies start developing REAL environmentally sound energy solutions and then sell them? As fossil fuel use starts to become too costly they will have alternatives and they can migrate their customers. This is how a business is supposed to manage itself. Instead, the energy industry is behaving like the cigarette industry and lying about clean energy so they do not have to change their business model.

When are we going to wake up? This is not a problem that can wait until there is a crisis – then it will be too late.


May 7, 2010

The Republican Party is the most anti-American group in the U.S.

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The Republican party is sitting in committees preventing any and all govt nominations. They feel that if they cannot govern then no one should. How bad is it? They recently did not oppose an NOAA appointee because they feared bad press as a result of the Gulf oil spill. So it takes the worst oil spill in history to get the Republicans to move? How ignorant and self-righteous can you be?

This is the most childish, irrational and damaging behavior I have seen, and has convinced me that the Republican party has no interest in protecting the Constitution or America, or even being a part of it. All they care about is winning and pushing their agenda on the American people. No interest in popular discourse or majority rule. If they can’t have it their way they will direct all their efforts to prevent others from running the country.

The Republican party leadership have gone way off track. I don’t even believe at they have any concern for the issues, only how the issues can be manipulated for their own goals. They cannot allow any Democrat to be successful because then they will be harder to beat in the next election.

Why is our government is all about winning elections? When we have so many problems to deal with, is it really rational to prevent people from trying to solve them? We know that these problems are only going to get worse, yet that doesn’t matter to them. This is all about arrogant white men who are willing to destroy our country from the inside so they won’t have to admit that their policies did not work.

Al Queda does not need to execute any more attacks in the US. The Republicans are doing exactly what he wanted – dismantling our economy and military with insane and embarrassing policy decisions.

February 5, 2010


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Richard Shelby has decided that the effective running of the US government is not as important as the pork projects he wants for his home state of Alabama. He is blocking ALL government appointees from the Obama administration with no justifiable reason. THIS is the problem with this country – people using the system for their own selfish gains instead of the good of the country. If we were able to remove the ability of ignorant childish cocksuckers like Richard Shelby then we could maybe get something done in America.

These are not men – they are childish girls who are so impotent that they cannot get their rocks off unless they have acquired some measure of power and used it to screw someone else. I’m sure when Mr. Shelby was a junior Senator he had to deal with an ignorant scumbag who stopped his legislation. So of course, turnabout is fair play, right?

Senator Shelby needs a message. The problem is that he does not listen to people, only power. So those folks in AL who think they have a friend in Washington? Think again. He will sell you out for a nickel and then kick you in the street.

We need to tell these pandering power-whores that the rules apply to them as well as everyone else.

Free America!!!! Eliminate Punditry NOW!!!!

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Aren’t you sick and tired of being pushed to the extreme by the politicians and the media? Is this how we get things done in our own lives? Why is it that no one can get anything done unless they have beaten the opponent to a bloody pulp in public.

How does this lack of public discussions help anyone’s cause? Ask yourself that. We teach our children to share and work together. It is a common theme that people can come together and respect our differences while accomplishing our goals. That is what this country is supposed to be about, but if you believe that you are kidding yourself.

We will never be able to resolve the bigger issues of our world unless we can stop arguing with each other and start to work together.

And it does not matter if you are liberal or conservative if you are broke.

January 2, 2010

Rush – a Fat and Worthless Slug

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Rush Limbaugh has done absolutely nothing for this country except destroy our faith in the media. I cannot understand why anyone is interested in his medical condition or the fact that he went to the hospital. The only concern I have is the fact that he walked out of the hospital under his own volition and not on a gurney with a toe tag.

Hearing him stand in front of people and tell them that our healthcare system is just fine truly disgusts me. It shows that he is truly out of touch with reality of the American people. There is no excuse for him and his lies and deceit. What Limbaugh is only interested in making Rush Limbaugh wealthy. He has absolutely no interest in the people who pay his salary or the country that allowed him to be successful.

I want to debate him. I am putting out an open letter to Mr. fat-ass that I will stand toe to toe with him and make him look like an intellectual moron because that is all that he is.

So what about it Mr. Limbaugh? I know you don’t have the guts, so I won’t expect a reply. The true mark of a coward is how well he hides.

December 16, 2009

Joe Lieberman is a Liar, a Cheat and a Selfish Pig

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Joe Lieberman has sunk to a new low. Now that he has realized his vote on health care is a swing vote he is playing it to the hilt. He THINKS that he has the power to kiss-ass and hand the conservatives what all the concessions they want. He must do this in order to save his career. It is clear now that his support in the polls and in CT is dropping like a stone.

Lieberman sickens me. He panders AND LIES to his constituents and does whatever he wants in Congress. People need to know that Joe Lieberman is looking out for himself only. He does not care about the people of America, let alone the people of CT.

There is not a shred of decency, honesty or civility lefty in Joe Lieberman. He sold out his constituents to continue his political career. Whatever good he has done in the past means nothing now. His influence is that of the corrupt establishment, intent on maintaining his status by standing on the backs of others.

Now the worthless pile of S**T is using what little political influence he has left to try and gut health care reform. He is doing this by threatening to filibuster the bill unless they make the changes HE wants. It is no surprise that his changes are EXACTLY what the Republicans want to remove from the bill as well. If that does not sound like collusion and corruption I don’t know what does.

There is a group attempting to organize an effort to remove Lieberman from his committee chair before the people of CT vote him out of office. The web site is Please, PLEASE show your disgust even if you don’t live in CT. If we complain loud enough as a people then other elected officials will find it harder to get elected on lies and then vote for lobbyist causes.

December 5, 2009

Age Does not Equal Wisdom Anymore

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Until recently human survival was a VERY dicey thing everywhere around the world. Most children died while young, there were no usable medicines and the average life expectancy was around 40. To get to that age you had to be very strong, smart AND have a tremendous amount of luck.

Today anyone with access to modern medical care and knowledge can live to be well over 70. This includes people with physical and mental disabilities, as well as those who are just plain stupid.

Given this fact, it is no longer true that age equals wisdom. I know many people over 60 who have less wisdom than my pre-teens (they seem to lose it all at puberty, unfortunately). Despite this we still give deference to anyone who is wrinkled or has gray hair. Moreover, older people have a tendency to assume that they are entitled to the same respect that used to be bestowed on village elders and scholars. This allows the uneducated and stupid to join the ranks of our greatest thinkers by merely not dying. This makes no sense to me.

I hear many elderly discussing the problems of the world as if we had stopped progress 100 years ago. As a group they are incredibly selfish, primarily concerned with maintaining their personal comfort in their waning years even if that will hurt their country and the planet. Many of the elderly stubbornly adhere to old beliefs and practices even when they have been disproved and shown to be harmful to themselves and everyone else. I’m not talking about paying with a check at the grocery, either. Driving huge gas-guzzlers (when many should not be driving anyway), dismissing all conservation efforts and supporting conservative policies to make sure Medicare and their Social Security are still there are just a few of the issues I have (and don’t get me started on supermarket etiquette). It is not all seniors, but there are MANY whose gullibility and selfishness make them easily manipulated, and those doing the manipulating often are only using them for their votes.

Now I am not saying that Grandma wants to see her grandkids suffering in horrible economic and ecological conditions. But they seem to have this ability to ignore the potential consequences of our actions, and they cannot admit that their generation made mistakes that we have to fix. Until Obama we have regularly elected older people, and defer to them on policy when they are still in pre-cold war thinking.

Many of these people are the ones running the companies that spend so much money lobbying to prevent change in DC. We need to get the elderly influence under control in this country and stop treating every gray-haired person like a fount of wisdom, because most of them are not.

November 24, 2009

I’m Really Scared……

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It seems that the Republican machine will stop at nothing to make sure that the changes we need to make to save this country never pass the halls of our government. They would rather us all die together than to admit for even a second that they could be wrong. This is not about doing the right thing anymore – it is about making sure that nothing other than the right-wing Republican extremist agenda is even considered, let alone voted on.

I used to think the Republican party has been acting like the spoiled kid at a party, yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs because they did not get their way. Now I feel it is much more sinister. I feel that this is an intentional effort by the Republican party to prevent real change. Then, the Republicans will use the lack of change as a weapon against them in the next election

The Republicans are not interested in governing; they are interested in TACTICS to remain in power. They do not care that these tactics are costing people jobs, inflating our debt and causing irreparable damage to our environment. Those are collateral damage, a necessary cost of making sure the Republicans stay in complete and total power over the US.

Unless someone who is sane can take hold of the leadership of the Republican party I am not sure what we can do. Even when Republicans are complaining about their own leadership the party just blasts propaganda at them until they shut up. This is not a problem we should be dealing with now. We have too many problems to be pissing away time fighting these ignorant and unnecessary battles.

November 9, 2009

An Open Letter to Joe Lieberman

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(Sent to him after finding out that he is planning on filibustering the health care bill in the Senate)

You will not get away with filibustering the health care bill.  You think that the rich powerful scum who support you will keep you safe, but the TRUTH is that you don’t represent anyone but yourself.  You are a liar, and it sickens me that CT elected you.

I am going to do everything I can to make sure you are NOT re-elected.  You are a Republican mole who is working to destroy America from the inside.  The Republican plan is only for the rich, and will eventually destroy them as well.  You are the worst kind of human being, and I deplore you and everything you stand for.

November 8, 2009

An Open Letter to Republicans

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A political party is not supposed to dictate the path of our nation.  Don’t any of you see that is how the Republican party behaves?  By making sure Republicans ALWAYS vote Republican then the party leadership’s policy is the only one represented.  At that point it does not matter who you vote for or what your political beliefs are.  All Republicans vote by party lines, and who draws the party lines?  The party leadership, who are NOT elected officials, and are often the people who WANT to run the government but could not quite get there.  Doesn’t that scare you just a little bit?

The Democrats have the Presidency AND a Congressional majority and they STILL cannot get their agenda passed without major alterations and ass-kissing.  The Republicans if given the same majority would have passed its entire agenda AND had time for a 6 week vacation in the Keys.

What I am saying, is that we cannot be about JUST conservatives, liberals or identify with parties.  We should be worrying about ISSUES, and I don’t care if a good idea comes from a Democrat or Republican, I’ll support it.

All the Republican party is doing today is acting like the 6-year old child, holding his breath until he gets his way.  In this case, by being a logjam to progress the Republicans are causing significantly more damage than they have already caused.

There are too many major problems to be dealt with today to sink down to party bickering.  The Republicans don’t want to solve any problems – they just want power back.  Think about it, and you will see it is true.

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