The Ranting Man

May 16, 2010

Supreme Court Rulings and the Gulf oil spill

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Not that long ago the supreme court ruled that corporations have the same right to spend money on elections as people in America. This allows them to spend money on influencing elections and trying to change the laws to benefit – guess who – themselves.

Well, if they enjoy the same freedoms as Americans, then the leaders of these corporations should be accountable for their crimes, just like everyone else. If they want to be able to promote their needs directly to the American people, then they must be accountable to them.

The people responsible for the gulf oil spill are criminals. Period. They spend millions, tens of millions to insure that they have no regulations to follow. Then when this oil spill happens the people who made the decisions are out yachting. What is going on in this country? Are we so afraid of big corporations that we have given up?


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