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August 17, 2010

Pressure is Power

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When the oil rig sank, outrage followed. The worldwide public outcry brought one of the most powerful corporations – ever in human history – to it’s knees. BP is the type of company that does not answer to governments, yet we eventually got unprecedented access to the facts, and in a few cases the actual truth. The outcry became political power as elected officials worldwide were forced to take action or face a hostile electorate.

The oil has stopped flowing. Billions of dollars have been guaranteed to clean up the mess. The people of the Gulf are (hopefully) going to be able tonreturn to their livelihoods soon. All this is happening SO THE PRESSURE WILL GO AWAY! The industry’s dirty laundry has never been so naked for the world to see.

We had the power – WE did. It did not matter what corporations made what deal with what government. For a short time all the money and power in the world could was at the mercy of the people. It was brilliant, spectacular even, to see the PEOPLE of the world unify to such a degree that BP was actually held accountable and could not squirm away.

Now the well is capped, and the corporate leaders and government officials are waiting for things to calm down so they can get back to their status quo. We cannot let that happen. We got a glimpse of the power of a unified world population. Screw the governments, screw the corporations, when WE decide to get up and make a stand, world leaders cower.

Unity of voice, and unrelenting pressure on the media and government is what got the well capped. We have seen the power of the people in this new interconnected world. If we can globally leverage this power we really can change the world.


May 14, 2010

Clean Coal is a LIE!!!!!!!!!

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Tags: , , , , is spending a ton of money to spread it’s lies. People want to believe that clean coal is a possibility, and these money-grubbing liars are taking advantage of that. Their story is one of the biggest lies out there, and stands to destroy all that we as Americans hold dear.

TRUTH: you cannot clean coal and the exhaust from burning it without using chemicals and processes that are deadly to humans and the ecology. And the mining process creates hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic slurry that devastates ecosystems and destroys the quality of life for anyone living near them. This is not an overstatement or some ecologists tree-hugging viewpoint. Coal and our use of it is creating a catastrophe.

Climate change is real, and the use of fossil fuels has been proven to be a major contributor to climate change. We have to accept that we need to move away from fossil fuels. What I don’t understand is why the energy companies are not taking advantage of that.

Drilling for oil and digging for coal is far more costly than R&D to develop efficient green technologies. The energy companies are posting their best profits ever, and they all have tons of cash in the bank. Why don’t these companies start developing REAL environmentally sound energy solutions and then sell them? As fossil fuel use starts to become too costly they will have alternatives and they can migrate their customers. This is how a business is supposed to manage itself. Instead, the energy industry is behaving like the cigarette industry and lying about clean energy so they do not have to change their business model.

When are we going to wake up? This is not a problem that can wait until there is a crisis – then it will be too late.

February 5, 2010


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Richard Shelby has decided that the effective running of the US government is not as important as the pork projects he wants for his home state of Alabama. He is blocking ALL government appointees from the Obama administration with no justifiable reason. THIS is the problem with this country – people using the system for their own selfish gains instead of the good of the country. If we were able to remove the ability of ignorant childish cocksuckers like Richard Shelby then we could maybe get something done in America.

These are not men – they are childish girls who are so impotent that they cannot get their rocks off unless they have acquired some measure of power and used it to screw someone else. I’m sure when Mr. Shelby was a junior Senator he had to deal with an ignorant scumbag who stopped his legislation. So of course, turnabout is fair play, right?

Senator Shelby needs a message. The problem is that he does not listen to people, only power. So those folks in AL who think they have a friend in Washington? Think again. He will sell you out for a nickel and then kick you in the street.

We need to tell these pandering power-whores that the rules apply to them as well as everyone else.

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