The Ranting Man

August 19, 2010

The Mosque near Ground Zero

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I am a staunch atheist, and even I am disgusted by the opposition to the mosque near Ground Zero. Does anyone actually think this will become a threat? This mosque existed before 9/11, and there are many mosques in NYC. This is simply a political ploy to try and sway elections in November.

And Obama was completely stupid to chime in. No matter what he said someone was going to attack him for it. He made the same mistake when the black professor was arrested. Keep to running the country, you have more than enough to do without creating controversy.

And this mosque will be under a microscope. Terrorists will find people who don’t spend their time in a community center playing games to be suicide bombers. And the people running the site are long-standing community members and have been openly vocal about protesting violence in the name of islam. None of it makes sense, unless you are trying to stir up anti-muslim sentiments during an election year.

The whole thing stinks like Bush’s justification for the war in Iraq – contrived to suit a political purpose, nothing more.


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