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July 14, 2010

The Tea Party Movement is a Disgusting Lie

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The Tea Party movement has nothing to do with policy or fixing government’s problems (and we all know there are a LOT of problems). It has everything to do with ultra conservatives re-energizing scared and desperate Americans so they can regain control of the government and continue their efforts to destroy the very people who voted for them.

The issues we face today are complicated. There are no simple answers. Unfortunately, Americans like simple problems with simple, obvious solutions. All of the problems we face – ALL of them – have multiple causes and no simple, quick-fix solutions. Those who tout simple solutions to our problems are spending more time thinking about marketing and less about solutions.

The Tea Party movement is all about the message, but the substance behind the message is quite different. They are promoting solutions that have not worked in the past but are easy to talk about and even easier to sell to Americans who are desperate. The promises being made by the Tea Party will not help the people who are supporting them, and that is the biggest tragedy.

The right-wing reformation started with Ronald Reagan, and did not stop even through the Clinton years thanks to a republican congress. They had 30 years to get it right, and cannot give any other ideas a chance. They don’t care if they destroy America as long as they are in control.

When the Tea Party movement fails it’s supporters I wonder if Americans will finally wise up or just find another simple answer that will not work. It is so sad that Americans cannot see past the lies.


February 5, 2010


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Richard Shelby has decided that the effective running of the US government is not as important as the pork projects he wants for his home state of Alabama. He is blocking ALL government appointees from the Obama administration with no justifiable reason. THIS is the problem with this country – people using the system for their own selfish gains instead of the good of the country. If we were able to remove the ability of ignorant childish cocksuckers like Richard Shelby then we could maybe get something done in America.

These are not men – they are childish girls who are so impotent that they cannot get their rocks off unless they have acquired some measure of power and used it to screw someone else. I’m sure when Mr. Shelby was a junior Senator he had to deal with an ignorant scumbag who stopped his legislation. So of course, turnabout is fair play, right?

Senator Shelby needs a message. The problem is that he does not listen to people, only power. So those folks in AL who think they have a friend in Washington? Think again. He will sell you out for a nickel and then kick you in the street.

We need to tell these pandering power-whores that the rules apply to them as well as everyone else.

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