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September 24, 2010

Ahmadinejad is a Closet Homosexual

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Look at this:

I’ll bet that prick takes it up the ass from anything, including camels. How dare that scumbag claim to be talking for AMERICANS at the UN. Who the he’ll does he think he is? Not only is he a lying prick, but he is preaching from a pulpit he does not deserve to lick clean.

I am really sick and tired of the extremist getting all the press. Why is this asshole allowed to further incite fanaticism? Why do we allow this scum-of-the earth to even speak at the UN? He and the Iranian government are backwards, ignorant and dangerous. The people of Iran are the biggest victims, being held hostage to ancient and bigoted beliefs.

The worst thing we can do is give him and the Iranian government any credibility. They are the lowest form of animal – it’s too bad the US screwed up Iran so badly back in the 70’s. We would probably not be dealing with this now.

August 29, 2010

Japanese Slaughter of Dolphins and Whales

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I used to have a tremendous amount of respect for the Japanese. I thought that they were more civilized, have a sense of honor and tradition a respect for nature. Now I just see them as savage, disgusting barbarians. The fact that they still slaughter dolphins and whales on a massive scale despite how advanced our civilization is makes me physically ill. There is absolutely no justification for what they are doing.

This is sick, and the fact that they allow this represents a sickness in Japanese culture. It is something that cannot be allowed to continue. My opinion of Japan is forever changed.

August 28, 2010

Morons who idle their cars…..WTF

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What is wrong with people? I am sitting in a parking lot waiting to pick up my son. It is a beautiful, warm evening, and like many parents I am sitting with the car off and windows open. However, more than a few cars have windows up, A/C on and the engine running! What is the point of wasting the gas, spewing more crap into the air? I see this all the time, and it is even worse in the public sector. There is no reason at all for a cop to keep his engine running when he is not even in the car. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Construction sites, sporting events and many other places waste millions of gallons of fuel – idling. On top of the benefit to the environment, think of the money wasted. Makes no sense.

August 19, 2010

The Mosque near Ground Zero

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I am a staunch atheist, and even I am disgusted by the opposition to the mosque near Ground Zero. Does anyone actually think this will become a threat? This mosque existed before 9/11, and there are many mosques in NYC. This is simply a political ploy to try and sway elections in November.

And Obama was completely stupid to chime in. No matter what he said someone was going to attack him for it. He made the same mistake when the black professor was arrested. Keep to running the country, you have more than enough to do without creating controversy.

And this mosque will be under a microscope. Terrorists will find people who don’t spend their time in a community center playing games to be suicide bombers. And the people running the site are long-standing community members and have been openly vocal about protesting violence in the name of islam. None of it makes sense, unless you are trying to stir up anti-muslim sentiments during an election year.

The whole thing stinks like Bush’s justification for the war in Iraq – contrived to suit a political purpose, nothing more.

August 17, 2010

Pressure is Power

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When the oil rig sank, outrage followed. The worldwide public outcry brought one of the most powerful corporations – ever in human history – to it’s knees. BP is the type of company that does not answer to governments, yet we eventually got unprecedented access to the facts, and in a few cases the actual truth. The outcry became political power as elected officials worldwide were forced to take action or face a hostile electorate.

The oil has stopped flowing. Billions of dollars have been guaranteed to clean up the mess. The people of the Gulf are (hopefully) going to be able tonreturn to their livelihoods soon. All this is happening SO THE PRESSURE WILL GO AWAY! The industry’s dirty laundry has never been so naked for the world to see.

We had the power – WE did. It did not matter what corporations made what deal with what government. For a short time all the money and power in the world could was at the mercy of the people. It was brilliant, spectacular even, to see the PEOPLE of the world unify to such a degree that BP was actually held accountable and could not squirm away.

Now the well is capped, and the corporate leaders and government officials are waiting for things to calm down so they can get back to their status quo. We cannot let that happen. We got a glimpse of the power of a unified world population. Screw the governments, screw the corporations, when WE decide to get up and make a stand, world leaders cower.

Unity of voice, and unrelenting pressure on the media and government is what got the well capped. We have seen the power of the people in this new interconnected world. If we can globally leverage this power we really can change the world.

August 5, 2010

Short-Term Mentality Threatens us all

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I was watching a show on Easter Island and the inhabitants of that island. The show focused on new information about how they lived and how they ultimately died. The short answer is that the inhabitants cut down all the trees which permanently changed the land, preventing natural regrowth. Without large trees the soil could not hold the topsoil necessary to farm. The people were not aware of how they were impacting their environment before it was too late. Without trees they could not build canoes to fish, and they began to starve. Eventually Europeans came and finished the job with disease, but by then the damage was already done.

The Earth is becoming a large Easter Island. The only difference is that we know what we are doing, and can stop it. The short-term mentality of today is the same mentality that destroyed the people of Easter Island.

July 26, 2010

Auto Insurance Discounts are a Total Lie

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What is all this shit about saving money on car insurance? From the sound of the ads every time you switch you can cut your bill in half. What about the coverage? Does anyone even care about the SERVICE they are supposed to be buying?

What they don’t tell you in the commercials is that you don’t get discounts every time you switch. They also don’t tell you that every year your premiums usually increase anyway. You may get discounts and teaser rates, but the insurance companies build in ways to offset the discounts they have to give. Most, if not all insurance companies are public, and they are beholden to shareholders. Cutting into profits is frowned upon.

And you ‘may’ save up to X%. MAY being the key word. Most people don’t save the maximum. In fact, they try and give just enough to get you to switch. The issue is growing their customer base, and selling insurance is HARD. The high cost of acquiring new customers with the service makes cost savings an easy marketing crutch.

The truth is that you can save MORE money by developing a history with a company. I have had car insurance with Allstate for years, and when it came time to get home insurance I got a BIG discount on that. I also got great discounts for adding another car. This was because I was a REPEAT customer, not because I switched from elsewhere.

I want companies to sell me on what they actually do. I also want people to understand that the money you pay for something is NOT the actual cost. But that requires people to think, and I’m not sure people want to think.

July 14, 2010

The Tea Party Movement is a Disgusting Lie

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The Tea Party movement has nothing to do with policy or fixing government’s problems (and we all know there are a LOT of problems). It has everything to do with ultra conservatives re-energizing scared and desperate Americans so they can regain control of the government and continue their efforts to destroy the very people who voted for them.

The issues we face today are complicated. There are no simple answers. Unfortunately, Americans like simple problems with simple, obvious solutions. All of the problems we face – ALL of them – have multiple causes and no simple, quick-fix solutions. Those who tout simple solutions to our problems are spending more time thinking about marketing and less about solutions.

The Tea Party movement is all about the message, but the substance behind the message is quite different. They are promoting solutions that have not worked in the past but are easy to talk about and even easier to sell to Americans who are desperate. The promises being made by the Tea Party will not help the people who are supporting them, and that is the biggest tragedy.

The right-wing reformation started with Ronald Reagan, and did not stop even through the Clinton years thanks to a republican congress. They had 30 years to get it right, and cannot give any other ideas a chance. They don’t care if they destroy America as long as they are in control.

When the Tea Party movement fails it’s supporters I wonder if Americans will finally wise up or just find another simple answer that will not work. It is so sad that Americans cannot see past the lies.

May 16, 2010

Fox News is NOT Fair and is VERY Unbalanced

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Why is Fox allowed to lie in it’s advertising? It is blatantly obvious to anyone who looks at their programming where their loyalties lie. Murdoch and his misinformation machine do not care about truth or delivering news. They focus their efforts on slanting information about important issues and keeping people scared of change.

Why don’t people see or care?

Supreme Court Rulings and the Gulf oil spill

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Not that long ago the supreme court ruled that corporations have the same right to spend money on elections as people in America. This allows them to spend money on influencing elections and trying to change the laws to benefit – guess who – themselves.

Well, if they enjoy the same freedoms as Americans, then the leaders of these corporations should be accountable for their crimes, just like everyone else. If they want to be able to promote their needs directly to the American people, then they must be accountable to them.

The people responsible for the gulf oil spill are criminals. Period. They spend millions, tens of millions to insure that they have no regulations to follow. Then when this oil spill happens the people who made the decisions are out yachting. What is going on in this country? Are we so afraid of big corporations that we have given up?

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